Annual fundraiser parking cars

Club members rally at our annual fund-raiser parking cars at the caravan and camping show.

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Club members and friends of Quota rally at our annual fundraiser parking cars at TUH. The TUH Health Fund kindly allow Quota Brisbane to use their car park to raise money to support the local community.

In return for a donation of $20  members of the public park their cars while they attend the caravan and camping show. Some people kindly make additional donations.

Everyone is pleased to find a place to park and to be able to help others. Initially the funds were used to empower women through education in developing countries. More recently the money raised has been used to support children in local schools to engage in learning through our Listening to Learn Program. We purchase sound amplification devices and voice amplifiers for use in classrooms. Students who benefit are those with hearing issues, attention difficulties and English as a second language. 


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