Quota making a difference for over 100 years

Mission Statement

Quota Brisbane is a Not for Profit Organisation that through care, service and leadership, provides support inspiration and empowerment to its members and volunteers and supporting those in need in our local community.

Quota Brisbane run a number of fundraising and social events and business meetings throughout the year. View our events calendar to stay informed of upcoming events.
December 2023
Dec 20
20 December 2023

Planning of fundraising events to support projects such as 3rd Space and other community needs. December meeting.

How We Help

This will be details about how we help, how a supporter can contribute, what we do and so on. Individual boxes will link to what we need. More information will go here.

Quota Brisbane Fundraising

Our team of volunteers undertake a variety of roles to serve the community, deliver support care, service and leadership.

100+ Years of Achievements

Since 1919, Quota has been a Not for Profit Organisation achieving many wonderful milestones throughout history.

Listening To Learn Program

Helping students with Cochlear Implants and those who need assistance to hear.

News & Blog

Check out all the latest Quota happenings, news and community involvement and contributions.
Young girl holding a teddy bear on the grass

Quota Visiting Care Kits For Kids

Quota Brisbane members were looking forward to visiting the sheds for Care Kits for Kids Queensland  at Camp Hill. Backpacks are filled by volunteers with items to assist young people in care and those in crisis.

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